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About the Krio language

Sierra Leone Krio is the lingua franca and the de facto national language spoken throughout the West African nation of Sierra Leone. Krio is spoken by 97% of Sierra Leone’s population and unites the different ethnic groups in the country, especially in their trade and social interaction with each other. Krio is the primary language of communication among Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad. The language is native to the Sierra Leone Creole people or Krios, (a community of about 300,000 descendants of freed slaves from the West Indies, United States and United Kingdom), and is spoken as a second language by millions of other Sierra Leoneans belonging to the country’s indigenous tribes. English is Sierra Leone’s official language, while Krio, despite its common use throughout the country, has no official status.

Mende Bible

The Mende are a group of people who live primarily within the southern third of Sierre Leone. Historically, they are rather recent arrivals to this area, appearing no earlier than the sixteenth century as invading forces advancing from the south. Linguistically, the Mende are related to Niger-Kordofanian and Niger-Congo groupings; they have at least two major dialects—Kpa and Ko—and two less prominent dialects—Waanjama and Sewawa. In 1987 the Mende numbered about one million, of whom 75 to 80 percent were Kpa Mende and most of the remaining portion, Ko Mende. The Mende comprise about 30 percent of Sierre Leone’s total population.

Our Bible Languages

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Making Scriptures available

The Bible Society, over the years, has moved from Bible Distributors to Bible Advocates, helping the churches achieve their role in evangelism and nurturing of their members.

The Bible Society exists to serve the churches through its programmes and makes scripture available in forms that respond to the needs of diverse audiences. There are various versions of the Bible to satisfy the tastes and preferences of Christians, audio materials for those who cannot read or cannot find the time to read, and variety of scripture materials relating to modern day experiences. The local language translation is our priority as it is the backbone of our very existence. The revised Mende and Kono New Testaments have been published while the Old Testament work in those two languages has started. The Krio full Bible has been published and launched while the Themne old Testament work is near completion. The Kuranko Bible and its New Testament have been launched. For further information you can contact us at our 2 Signal Hill Road office at Congo Cross or you can call us on: +232 78 361440/+23277777483

Distribution of Local language Proclaimers to Mudslide Victims

In a bid to develop their spirituality and psycho – social stability, the Society organized a 3 days FCBH training to form different listening groups in the mudslide and flooding victims camps to help them grow in the knowledge and fear of God.

The training saw many non – Christians expressing interest in joining the listening groups. 165 new groups were formed including 3 Muslims groups in the camps.
During visitation to the camps after a week of training on group listening of the FCBH Mrs. Lamina Conteh expressed gratitude to the Bible Society as she puts it: “This proclaimer is helping the children as my daughter was having problem with sleeping at night. When the proclaimer is on she will listen until she sleeps but if it is off she will cry for the rest of the night” This shows the power of God’s word in our language.
Other camps and homes for the children have expressed interest in forming groups to listening to the proclaimer to which we are thankful to God.

Please continue to pray for us as we venture into new grounds to make these children happy.

FCBH making the difference

The FCBH program has brought profound change in the different provincial Communities. Many Muslims have come to enjoy the benefits of following Christ. The communities had been touched and transformed. People’s lives, families and the community have now acquired positive values. It often takes one person to try the program and there is an increase effect all around.

Daniel Ansu is a native from Nyalahun Villa in the Bo District who got saved through the Listening Program. He has never been to school nor could he read or write. His commitment towards the listening program has made him more comfortable in evangelizing the entire community and surrounding villages with the use of the Proclaimer in his heart language.

As he puts it “I never believed I could have learned how to read and write. Thank God for the Bible Society that has created the enabling environment for me. Today I am respected in my village and the surrounding. I have helped many people to know Christ through the FCBH programme. My community people are happy as we have planted a church which we also use as our classroom. Expansion has even taken place because we have three more fellowship sites.”

We would continue to take this program to other Districts, towns and villages to have more people benefit from God’s Word in the heart language. You can donate to help the Bible Society reach more un-reached areas with God’s word.

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Bifo Gɔd mek di wɔl, di wan we dɛn kɔl di Wɔd bin dɔn de, i bin de wit Gɔd, in ɛn Gɔd na wan

- Jɔn 1:1

1 On the first day of the second month in the second year after the people of Israel left Egypt, the Lord spoke to Moses there in the Tent of his presence in the Sinai Desert. He said, 2 “You and Aaron are to take a census of the people of Israel by clans and families. List the names of all the men 3 twenty years old or older who are fit for military service.

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